13.56MHZ M1 RFID(FM1108) Inkjet Proximity Card
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13.56MHZ M1 RFID(FM1108) Inkjet Proximity Card

Operating frequency 13.56Mhz
Operative standard: ISO15693 and IEC14443
Compatible with S50 chip
Double side inkjet printable

Operating frequency 125kHz (TK4100)

Only Read Each card with Unique UID number

operative standard: ISO11784

Detailed Product Description

1. Double side printable. Compatible to any kinds of ink, including normal waterbase dye ink and pigment ink. 

2. Waterproof and glossy. 

3. Can sign direct to pvc card using pen. 

4. High Quality 

5.No need to cut, No need to Laminate. You could be quick,easy,customized and professional to make ID card.



1. Ask: If the inkjet pvc card double side printable ?

  Reply: Yes,double side printable


2. Ask: If need the specifical ink ?

  Reply: No, Normal dye ink or pigment ink that you use as usual.


3. Ask: If I could sign my name on the card ?

  Reply: yes,you could write any word on the card with any type of the 




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