CBB60 motor run capacitors
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CBB60 motor run capacitors

The capacitor has advantages of low dissipation,high insulation resistance ,good self-healing character,anti-striking
current,strong over-carrier capacity and steady electric performance , etc.
It is applied in AC motor,pump ,refrigerator, washing machine ,compressor,
it is helpful for motor‘s starting and running.
Voltage range:
Capacitance range:
Climatic category :
Capacitance tolerance :
Dissipation factor:
  • cbb60
  • saifu

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² Widely applied to the starting and running of AC single-phase motors at 50Hz/60Hz frequency power.

² Self-healing property

Good stability and reliability





The reliability of capacitors depends not only depends on the reliability factors of the capacitor itself, but also on correct selection and reasonable use, to ensure that the product can achieve the intended use and reliability for users' reference.


Ordering or requesting samples,please try to provide the following information if possible :

1. Application: e.g. UPS, transducer, rectifier etc.

2. Rated capacitance and tolerance

3. Voltage: including rated  voltage, working voltage, ripple voltage, non periodic impact voltage etc.

4. Current: including maximum current, working current, maximum peak current, maximum impact current etc.

5. Frequency: including working frequency, pulse Frequency,  ripple voltage frequency etc.

6. Working place: e.g. fixed place, vehicles, ships etc.

7. Working environment: e.g. temperature range, humidity, altitude etc.


8. Product dimensions: e.g. diameter, height or length, width, height etc.

9. Terminal type: e.g. Bolt type, screw hole type etc.

10. Safety requirements: e.g. flame retardant, anti-explosion etc.

11. Life expectancy: under given working conditions.

12. Installation: e.g. bottom-stud, middle-clip, mounting ears etc.

13. Others




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