Dark Inkjet T-shirt Transfer Paper
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Dark Inkjet T-shirt Transfer Paper

Suitable for transferring to black & white or color images onto white or light-colored cotton or cotton-mixed fabrics and cloth-covered mouse pads,using an iron.

Instructions for use

Dark Fabric Transfer paper, for black or Dark textiles and for morst announced inkjet printers!

Suitable for transferring to black & white or color images onto black or dark cotton,using and iron.


What you need:

a)     Dark Fabric Transfer Paper

b)     Inkjet printer

c)     A flat, hard and smooth surface to iron on

d)     An iron (no travel iron)

e)     Greaseproof paper(attached one sheet for every five sheets of Dark Fabric Transfer Paper)

f)      Black or Dark T-shirt,baseball cap, boxer shorts,cloth-covered mouse-pad,cotton napkins or handkerchiefs,ect.


1.     Printing

-        Store Dark Fabric Transfer Paper in its original packing in a cool, dry place.

-        Only print onto the unprinted, coated side of the transfer film. Select normal mode and not mirror mode on your printer.

-        Use the single-sheet feeding only.

-        Print the desired motif onto regular photo copy paper to chech that the color and size are correct.

-        Printer setting: Normal paper mode and best print quality(highest DPL setting).

-        Before transferring,,leave the printed image to dry for approx.5 minutes. Cut out the motif with out leaving a margin around the edges. Straight after peel off the transfer film from the base paper(liner).


2.     Transferring

-        Preheat the iron to the setting of highest temperature and take approx.2minutes.

-        Do not use steam function.

-        You can also use a transfer heat press machine.

-        Briefly iron the fabric to ensure that it is completely smooth.

-        Place the transfer film onto the textile with the printed image facingupwards.

-        Cover the transfer film with the greaseproof paper.

-        Iron the transfer film applying less pressure. Warm up the transfeevenly with slow circling movements from edge to edge and make sure that the heat is evenly transferred over the entire area. Don’t forget the corners and edges.

-        Iron for max.2 minutes for motif on A4 sheet. For smaller motif ironshorter.

-        Allow the transfer to cool at least 1 minute,then peel off the greaseproofpaper in a smooth, even movement.

-        It’s possible to use the same greaseproof paper several times, if there are no ink left on it.


3.     Washing

-        Wait 24 hours before washing on the first time(drying time)

-        Fabrics bearing our transfer are machine-washable up to 30℃ in water temperature.Always wash garments inside out.

-        Do not use aggressive washing detergents or bleach of any kind.

-        Do not tumble-dry.

-        Avoid ironing directly over the transferred motif, ironing from the backside of garment/fabric.

-        To revitalize the color brilliance the transfer can be ironed again. Cover the picture again with the greaseproof paper, iron for a few seconds and peel the greaseproof paper off after cooling.





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