White PET No-Laminated Card(Laser)
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White PET No-Laminated Card(Laser)

PET Laser Anti-counterfeiting Card
0.76mm 0.15mm+0.46mm+0.15mm

PET Laser Anti-counterfeiting Card
0.76mm    0.15mm+0.46mm+0.15mm

PET laser anti-counterfeiting card has laser anti-counterfeiting text and anti-counterfeiting function, has advantages of PVC materials, and is also featured by good stiffness, strong wear resistance and UV resistance, good weather resistance, green and environmental protection, etc. 
Material Combination: 
0.15mm PET Laser Anti-counterfeiting Printing Material (A/B/D/E/F)+0.46mm Medium Material (Material B)+0.15mm PET Laser Anti-counterfeiting Printing Material (a/b/d/e/f).
1. Print text image on “printing material”, and wait until ink is thoroughly dry (generally 5-10 minutes); 
2. Strip the protective film of double faced adhesive tape, cover the printed text surface on the medium material, laminate by a plastic envelope machine at temperature less than 160℃~180℃, and use the printing materials as follows (A matches a, B matches b, D matches d, E matches e, and F matches f);
3. Cut the plastic enveloped material, stamp into cards by a card stamping machine, and tear the protective film on the surface of the card. 




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