Medical Capacitor Features:

  • Used in DC-link filter circuits, can replace electrolytic capacitor

  • Low ESR, high ripple current handling capabilities

  • Low inductance

  • Non-inductive structure

  • Self-healing property

  • Long lifetime

Medical Capacitor Application:

The metallized polyester film capacitor for Aesthetic medical equipment has the characteristics of high withstand voltage, high current resistance, low impedance, low inductance, small capacity loss, small leakage current, good temperature performance, fast charging and discharging speed, and long service life ( about 100,000 hours), good safety explosion-proof stability, non-polarity and convenient installation.

Medical Capacitor Technical Specifications:

Reference standards: IEC 61071, GB/T17702, RoHS compliance

Climatic category: Temperature up to 85 °C hotspot

The voltage of 700 to 5000 V DC

The rated capacitance of 1 to 4000 µF

Capacitance tolerance +-5%

Medical Capacitor Structure:

Material: Metallised polypropylene film

Flame retardant epoxy resin

Terminals: Available with male and female terminals

Case:  Aluminum shell