Anhui Safe Electronics Co., Ltd , a professional capacitor film manufacturer, produces various formations of metallised polypropylene film and metallised polyester film for capacitor use. Normally, metallised polyester film is used for small DC capacitors using., such as MKT(CL) capacitors. The double-side metallised polyester film produces an IGBT snubber capacitor. Metallised polypropylene film like PET metallized film is used for film capacitors, such as MKP/MFP(CBB) capacitors, EMI suppression capacitors, AC motor capacitors, Power electronics capacitors, Shunt power capacitors of the self-healing type and etc. Our metallised plastic film can produce Safety isolation film, wave slitting, double side metallised, ramp resistance, high resistance and etc.  

Types of Metallised Capacitor Film

Why Choose Anhui Safe Metallised Capacitor Film?

Our company has more than 14 years producing and exporting metallised capacitor film experience, from raw material, vacuum coating, Inspection of semi-finished products, high-temperature prescription, slitting film, Finished product inspection, vacuum packing, then cartons and pallets packing, Every step has strict production requirements. Ensure that every customer receives satisfactory products on time.

Features of Metallised Capacitor Film

Screen Belt is Clear

The screen belt is clear, and the edge and safety segmented film network cable are clear.

Easy to Wind

Easy to wind, stable tension and high availability.

Uniform Thickness

The thickness of the film is uniform, and the size of the capacitor element obtained by winding is uniform.

Small Square Resistance

The square resistance is stable and the deviation is small.

Guaranteed Not to be Oxidized

Anti-oxidation, aluminum metallized film can be kept for one year without oxidation, zinc-aluminum metallized film is packaged in vacuum bag, after opening the bag, it can be guaranteed not to be oxidized during the normal production cycle.

Good adhesion

Good adhesion of metallization layer.

Without Slitting

It can provide finished metallization film and semi-finished metallization film without slitting.

Provide Wave-cut Edge Metallized Film

In addition to the straight-edge slitting metallized film, the wave-cut edge metallized film can also be provided.

Provide Zinc-aluminum Film With Heavy Edge

In addition to aluminum metallization film, the polyester film can also provide the zinc-aluminum film with a heavy edge.

Metallization Polypropylene Film Has Widely Used

Metallization polypropylene film is widely used, and can be used in the production of AC capacitors and DC capacitors, and the capacitance ranges from nF level to Farad level.

Provide Double 85 Film

Double 85 (temperature and humidity bias, THB) film can be provided.

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