CBB65 capacitor is mean CBB65 type AC motor run capacitor.  It adopts the metal aluminum shell outsourcing and one-way lead-out method, and uses metallized polypropylene film material as the electrode and medium. As one of the leading CBB65 capacitor suppliers, Saifu offer you high-quality cbb65 capacitors at a competitive price. Our CBB65 capacitor has low loss, strong moisture resistance, excellent electrical performance, good reliability, large capacity, long service life and good performance. Explosion-proof, self-healing performance. Contact us to get the CBB65 capacitor price.

Types of CBB65 Capacitor

Features of CBB65 Capacitor

  • Cylindrical Metal Aluminum Case

    Small size and light weight.

  • Excellent Electrical Performance

    Low loss and good self-healing properties.

  • Internal Pressure Type Explosion-proof Device

    It is safe and reliable to use.

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