The DC filter capacitors produced by Saifu include flat CBB15 capacitors, round CBB16 capacitors, IGBT snubber capacitors, DC motor capacitor, etc. Capacitor elements are rolls of metallized polypropylene film, encapsulated in flame-retardant epoxy resin, and wrapped in a plastic case or Lamar tape.

Types of DC Filter Capacitor

Features of DC Filter Capacitor

Features of DC Filter Capacitor

DC filtering capacitors are an ideal alternative to aluminum electrolytic capacitors, withstanding much higher levels of surge voltage with lower ESR and very high rms currents, resulting in longer application lifetime.

Saifu's DC filter capacitors are manufactured using dry technology with metallized polypropylene film as the dielectric and encapsulated in plastic case or Ramar tape sealed with flame retardant epoxy. Used for the following properties:

◆ low ESR

◆ low self-inductance

◆ High pulse reliability

◆ High RMS current carrying capacity

◆ Excellent self-healing properties

◆ High shock and vibration resistance

◆ Excellent mechanical stability

◆ Long life

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