Welding Machine Capacitor Features:

  • Used to absorb or filter high-frequency impulses in the high-power high-frequency switch.

  • Low ESR, high ripple current, and large current shock handling capabilities

  • Low Ls, good high-frequency characteristics

  • Self-healing property

  • Long lifetime

Welding Machine Capacitor Application:

They are widely used for IGBT, Welders, inverters, UPS, EPS, Induction heating machines, inverter welding machine capacitor for solar and wind power,

Frequency converters for appliances, air conditioners,

Welders, motor drives, high-class power supply, Snubber Networks Protection Circuits, SMPS, Resonance Tank Circuits and etc.

Welding Machine Capacitor Structure:

Material : Metallised polypropylene film,

Filler: resin sealing

Case: plastic case

Leads: Tinned copper lugs