Welding Machine Capacitor Features:

  • Used to absorb or filter high-frequency impulses in the high-power high-frequency switch.

  • Low ESR, high ripple current, and large current shock handling capabilities

  • Low Ls, good high-frequency characteristics

  • Self-healing property

  • Long lifetime

Welding Machine Capacitor Application:

They are widely used for IGBT, Welders, inverters, UPS, EPS, Induction heating machines, Inverters for solar and wind power,

Frequency converters for appliances, air conditioners,

Welders, motor drives, high-class power supply, Snubber Networks Protection Circuits, SMPS, Resonance Tank Circuits and etc.

Welding Machine Capacitor Structure:

Material : Metallised polypropylene film,

Filler: resin sealing

Case: plastic case

Leads: Tinned copper lugs