Capacitor assemblies are increasingly being used as energy storage banks to deliver high energy bursts within hundreds of milliseconds. These high energy systems require a large number of large capacitors housed in low inductance and low resistance components. These capacitor energy storage banks can provide several kV at a time and energy levels from 100kJ to several MJ.

Types of Energy Storage Pluse Capacitor

Energy Storage Pluse Capacitor Features

Energy Storage Pluse Capacitor Features

Energy storage pulse capacitor is made of metallized polypropylene film, with steel and aluminum metal case, and has oil-immersed and dry structures. Has the following features:

◆ Very high energy storage density

◆ High-rated voltage, which can reach tens of thousands of volts

◆ High maximum current and inrush current

◆ Extremely low tanδ and ESR

◆ Sufficient and safe electrical clearance and creepage distance

◆ Excellent self-healing property

◆ Long life

◆ High-temperature resistance and moisture resistance

◆ Non-polar structure

◆ High shock and vibration resistance

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