AC motor capacitor, as a starting or running capacitor, is a capacitor used for motor starting or improving motor power factor, which can be used in AC motors, power tools, water pumps, garage doors, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, fans, dishwashing Machines, induction cookers and other household appliances. AC motor capacitors are available in oil-immersed, epoxy-filled, metal-cased and plastic-cased capacitors, with round, square or oval shapes.

Types of AC Motor Capacitor

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Our company has more than 14 years of experience in producing capacitors and exporting capacitors. Since our company produces metallized films for capacitors by ourselves, we can better control the quality of capacitors. At present, our company has 10 automatic winding machines and a professional technical research and development team to help customers design and produce various capacitors to meet various individual needs of customers. Ensure that each customer can receive satisfactory products in time.

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