1. Electronic components are wound with metallized organic thin film.

2. Plastic shell, aluminum oxide package, single battery core or multiple battery cores can be installed in one shell.

3. The installation parts include plastic ears and iron ears.

4. Lead-out methods include plastic-encapsulated leads, tinned copper pins, quick-connect terminals, soldering lugs, etc.

Types of CBB61 AC Motor Capacitor

As one of the leading CBB61 capacitor suppliers, we specialize in the production of CBB61 capacitors for various electrical applications. Our CBB61 capacitors are designed to provide efficient and reliable solutions, especially as AC motor capacitors. We produce various types of CBB61 capacitors, including single-phase capacitors, fan capacitors, and CBB61 run capacitors. 

Features of CBB61 AC Motor Capacitor

  • Plastic Case Package

    CBB61 AC motor capacitor comes in plastic casing that provides a consistent appearance. 

  • Low High Frequency Loss

     CBB61 AC motor capacitor has a low high-frequency loss that makes them ideal for applications requiring larger currents.

  • High Insulation Resistance

    CBB61 capacitors boast high insulation resistance, ensuring they have a long life and are self-healing in nature. 

    Their desirable features make them a go-to solution for businesses looking for reliable and efficient capacitors. 

Usage Conditions for CBB61 Capacitor

The usage conditions for CBB61 AC motor capacitor include proper installation and operation within the specified temperature, humidity, and voltage range. These capacitors should be installed in areas with adequate ventilation and must avoid heat sources such as direct sunlight or electrical equipment. They should also be protected from moisture and temperature fluctuations that can affect their performance.

For example, CBB61 400VAC capacitors are designed to work within a specific voltage range, and going beyond this range can cause electrical malfunctions or even result in catastrophic failure. As such, it is essential to ensure that these capacitors are operated within the recommended voltage range.

It is also recommended to avoid overloading CBB61 capacitors as it can cause damage to the capacitor and lead to breakdowns or premature failure. The rated current level should not be exceeded, and the capacitors must be inspected regularly for signs of wear or damage.

CBB61 Capacitor Uses

One of the most common applications of CBB61 capacitors is in AC motor start-up circuits where they provide the necessary kick to start the motor. CBB61 AC motor capacitor is designed to store and release electric energy in a controlled manner, which is crucial for the smooth operation of electric motors.

CBB61 capacitors are also popular in household appliances such as ceiling fans and air conditioners. These capacitors are responsible for starting the motor and regulating its speed. CBB61 fan capacitor E183963 is a type of CBB61 capacitor specially designed for use in ceiling fans. 

Another area where CBB61 capacitors are commonly used is in washing machines. These capacitors help to regulate the voltage in the machines, ensuring that the motor runs at a consistent speed. CBB61 capacitor 300VAC is a specific type of CBB61 capacitor designed for use in washing machines.

CBB61 AC motor capacitor is in demand by various industries, from household appliances to industrial machinery. It is important to consult with CBB61 capacitor suppliers to ensure that the right type of capacitor is selected for the specific application. Choosing the right capacitor enhances the efficiency and lifespan of electrical systems, ensuring high performance and reliability.

Why Choose SaiFu CBB61 Capacitor

High-quality Capacitors 

As one of the professional CBB61 capacitor suppliers, SaiFu  offers  high-quality CBB61 AC motor capacitors, ensuring optimal performance in various applications. These capacitors have undergone rigorous testing to meet industry standards and provide reliable and efficient operation.

Affordable Prices

SaiFu offers competitive cbb61 capacitor price, making them a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to save on costs without compromising on quality.

Wide Range of Voltage Ratings

SaiFu offers a range of CBB61 capacitors with different voltage ratings, including CBB61 250V, CBB61 300V, CBB61 400V, CBB61 450V capacitors. This makes it possible to find the right capacitor for specific application needs.

Suitable for Various Applications

SaiFu CBB61 capacitors are suitable for various applications, including those requiring higher currents like washing machines, fans, or air conditioners. For example, the CBB61 E183963 capacitor is specially designed for use in ceiling fans.

Reliable After-sales Service 

SaiFu offers a reliable after-sales service, ensuring that customers get the support they need if they encounter any issues with their capacitors.

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