The metallized polyester film for capacitors is a very thin plastic film that can be coated on its surface.

High-purity aluminum is melted, evaporated, and deposited on the PET film in a high vacuum state, forming an extremely thin metal layer on the surface of the PET film. The metallized film has a self-healing effect, and the film dielectric immediately and instinctively recovers to the electrical performance before the breakdown. It is the main raw material for film capacitors.

Types of Metallised Polyester Film

What is Metalized Polyester Film Used for?

What is Metalized Polyester Film Used for?

Metallised polypropylene film is used in film capacitors, such as MKP/MFP (CBB) capacitors, EMI suppression capacitors, AC motor capacitors, Power electronic capacitors (DC-Link capacitors, DC filter capacitors, AC filter capacitors), DC pulse capacitors, DC high voltage Storage capacitors, Self-healing shunt power capacitors (Power factor correction capacitors), etc.

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