Industrial capacitors are power electronic capacitors, which implement the IEC60252-1 standard and are used in industrial equipment. Including DC-Link capacitors used in inverters such as photovoltaics, wind energy, electric vehicles, and high-speed railways to support voltage, and used in high-frequency inverter welding machines, power supplies, power grid harmonic control, SVG, IGBT absorption and other equipment to filter out high -frequency harmonic AC and DC filter capacitors, energy storage pulse capacitors used in magnetizers, demagnetizers, scientific research, geological exploration, electromagnetic guns, laser guns and other equipment. As one of the  professional industrial capacitors suppliers, we provide high quality industrial capacitors for sale.

Types of Industrial Capacitor

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Our company has more than 14 years of experience in producing capacitors and export capacitors. Because our company produces polyester metallized film for capacitors, we can better control the quality of capacitors. At present, our company has 10 automatic winding machines and a professional technical research and development team to help customers design and produce various capacitors to meet their individual needs. Ensure that every customer can receive satisfactory products in time.

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