DC-Link capacitors are used in three-phase pulse width modulation (PWM) inverters, photovoltaic and wind energy inverters, industrial motor drives, automotive onboard chargers and inverters, medical equipment power supplies, etc. As a professional DC link capacitor supplier, we produce high quality DC link capacitor with good function. Contact us to buy DC link capacitor for sale.

Types of DC Link Capacitor

Features of DC-Link Capacitor

Features of DC-Link Capacitor

DC-Link capacitors are specially designed for applications in high power converter technology where due to increasing electrical requirements they are more and more substituting electrolytic capacitors. Manufactured with a low-loss polypropylene dielectric they show a higher current-carrying capability as well as lower dissipation/self-heating at high frequencies compared to electrolytic capacitors such as 10uf electrolytic capacitor. Further outstanding features are, e.g.:

◆ Very high capacitance/volume ratio

◆ High rating voltage

◆ Very low dissipation factor and ESR

◆ Very high insulation resistance

◆ Excellent self-healing properties

◆ Long life expectancy

◆ Non-polar construction

◆ High shock and vibration resistance

◆ Outstanding mechanical stability

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