The capacitor element is made of metallized polypropylene film, and the metal case is equipped with a pressure explosion-proof device to ensure the safety of the capacitor.

AC single phase capacitor and three-phase AC filter capacitors can be provided according to customer needs. Capacitor shapes are available in round or oval and square shapes.

Types of AC Filter Capacitor

Features of AC Filter Capacitor

Features of AC Filter Capacitor

Due to their typical circuit position AC filter capacitors have to exhibit good high-frequency characteristics and at the same time high AC voltage capabilities. They in general fulfil two requirements:

◆ Low AC impedance to dissipate high-frequency interference signals

◆ Attenuation of transient voltage pulses caused e.g. by switching

Saifu's AC filter capacitors including 3 phase power capacitor are designed on the basis of low-loss metallised polypropylene film and exhibit high AC current capability at high frequencies as well as low ESL and ESR values. 

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