• cbb60 uf
  • cbb61 capacitor uf
  • capacitor on a furnace
  • cbb61 capacitor 16uf 250vac
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  • cbb60 uf
  • cbb61 capacitor uf
  • capacitor on a furnace
  • cbb61 capacitor 16uf 250vac
  • cost of furnace capacitor

CBB60 Dual Capacitor

CBB60 motor run capacitors utilize low-loss metalized polypropylene film for dielectric. The CBB60 motor run capacitors are encapsulated with resin and housed in a self-extinguishing plastic case which allows for superior reliability and a high mechanical shock and vibration strength. The CBB60 series of motor run capacitors is ideal for start and run applications in single-phase asynchronous motors and general A.C. applications at industrial frequencies. The capacitor CBB60 16uf 250vac is small in bulk, has long life-span and good self-healing characteristic.

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Specification of Cbb60 Dual Capacitor

Reference standards

GB/T 3667.1( IEC60252-1)

Climatic category

40 / 70 / 21, 40 / 85 / 21

Class of operation

Class B (10000h) Class C (3000h)

Class of safety protection

S0 /S3

Voltage range

250VAC, 370VAC, 440VAC, 450VAC

Capacitance range


Capacitance tolerance

± 5% , ± 10%, ± 15%

Dissipation factor

20 x10-4 (100Hz,20°C)

Test voltage terminal to terminal UTT

2Un for 2 seconds

Test voltage terminal to case UTC

(2Un+1000)VAC or 2000VAC- 50Hz for 60 seconds

Insulation resistance

≥3000s (100Hz, 20°C, 1min)

The capacitor CBB60 16uf 250vac specification and size produce according to customer requirements.

Applications of CBB60 Dual Capacitor

The capacitor CBB60 16uf 250vac is widely used as the start-up and running capacitor that is special for micro water pumps, cleaning machines, washing machines, and single-phase water pump motors. While the initial cost of a CBB60 dual capacitor may be slightly higher than a single capacitor CBB60 16uf 250vac, it offers more functionality and versatility. This can result in cost savings in the long run, especially in applications where multiple capacitors are required.

Features of CBB60 Dual Capacitor

  • Widely applied to the starting and running of AC single-phase motors at 50Hz/60Hz frequency power.

  • Self-healing property.

  • Good stability and reliability.


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