The metallized polypropylene film capacitor produced by Anhui Saifu Electronics Co., Ltd. is a capacitor formed by winding polypropylene film as the dielectric and the zinc-aluminum metallized layer by physical vapor deposition as the conductive plates. It has the characteristics of non-polarity, stable capacitance, small loss tangent, small ESR and ESL, reasonable size, and self-healing. It can be used in AC and DC occasions in industrial and civil fields, such as DC -Link, DC filter, DC pulse, AC motor, household appliances, low voltage compensation, AC filter, lamps, etc.

Types of Capacitor Film & Capacitor

Metallised Capacitor Film
The capacitor main material is capacitor film, contain Metallised polypropylene film, metallised polyester film and plain film for capacitor use. According to customers requirement produce.
Metallised Capacitor Film
AC Motor Capacitor
AC Motor Capacitor mainly used for Household Electric Appliances,such as air conditioner,fan,Water pump, washing machine and etc.
AC Motor Capacitor
Industrial Capacitor
Industral Capacitor mainly used for industral equipment or vehicle,such as used in rail transit traction or ship drive converter, various high-power industrial inverters, power harmonic govemance and SVG equipment, new energy and etc.
Industrial Capacitor

How does a Capacitor Work?

How does a Capacitor Work?

A capacitor consists of two conductive plates separated by a dielectric. The opposing surfaces of the two conductive plates can hold equal and opposite charges and create an electric field. The dielectric of Saifu's capacitors is polypropylene film, and the conductive plate is metallized layers (zinc-aluminum or pure aluminum layers) by physical vapor deposition (vacuum evaporation). For ease of use, two or more layers of metallized film with lengths of several meters to thousands of meters are wound into capacitor elements. Saifu's capacitors are composed of single to hundreds of capacitor elements according to capacitor specifications.

What is a Capacitor Used for?

Saifu's capacitor can be used in AC and DC occasions in industrial and civil fields, such as DC-Link, DC filtering, DC pulse, AC motors, household appliances, low voltage compensation, AC filtering, lamps, etc.

Dc-link Capacitor

Utilizing the feature that the voltage of capacitors cannot change suddenly, it is used in inverters such as photovoltaics, wind energy, electric vehicles, and high-speed railways to support the voltage and filter out the ripple caused by the rapid conversion of IGBTs.

DC and AC filter capacitors

Using the characteristics of capacitors to isolate DC from passing AC, filter out high-frequency harmonics in the circuit, and are used in high-frequency inverter welding machines, power supplies, power grid harmonic control, SVG, IGBT absorption and other fields.

Dc Pulse Capacitor

The energy stored in the capacitor is released in a very short period of time, and can be reused many times. It is used in magnetizers, demagnetizers, scientific research, geological exploration, electromagnetic guns, laser guns and other fields.

Ac Motors and Household Appliances Capacitors

When capacitors are used normally under AC power, the voltage phase lags behind the current phase by nearly 90° (π/2). This feature can be used to start the AC motor. Capacitors are reactive components, which are used in the operation of AC motors and household appliances, which can improve the power factor and improve the energy efficiency level. It can be used on AC motors, power tools, water pumps, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, fans, dishwashers, induction cookers, etc.

Low-voltage Compensation Capacitors

In the power distribution room, reactive power compensation and power factor correction are performed.

Lamp Capacitors

Start-up and stable operation of lamps.

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