Capacitors mainly depend on the withstand voltage and capacity. They are not very precise circuits such as filters. As long as the withstand voltage is the same, it doesn't matter if the capacity is a little different. Of course, DC capacitors and AC capacitors are irreplaceable.

CBB60 capacitor and CBB61 capacitor are both starting and running capacitors in accordance with the national standard GB/T3667.1-2015 ''AC Motor Capacitors'', and there is no fundamental difference between them in terms of usage conditions and performance requirements.

CBB60 capacitor is a round resin potting capacitor, which generally has a large capacitance; CBB61 capacitor is a square resin potting capacitor, and its capacitance is generally small.

If the rated voltage and rated capacitance of the two CBB60 capacitors are the same as those of the CBB61 capacitor, the installation space is ok and basically interchangeable. Of course, if you need to obtain the same service life, you also need to see whether the climate category (temperature-resistant type), life expectancy level and safety protection level (S0 or S3) of the two capacitors are consistent.