Capacitor films, also known as plastic capacitor films, mainly use plastic films as dielectrics. Due to different types of dielectrics used in capacitors, there are many types of capacitors such as electrolytic capacitors, air capacitors, paper capacitors, and capacitor films. They have developed rapidly and made great contributions in their respective fields, bringing many benefits to people's lives.

Basic knowledge of capacitor films

They mainly use metal foils as electrodes and work through electrical energy. Due to their excellent characteristics such as non-polarity and good insulation impedance, they are excellent capacitors and are often used in analog circuits. Capacitor films like metallised polypropylene film are safe, reliable, and can reduce harm to people.

In addition to their use in circuits, capacitor films also have many applications in electronics, household appliances, telephones, electricity, and many other industries. Many people use these things every day without realizing that they are made of capacitor films.

The role of capacitor films in application fields

capacitor films have a wide range of uses, such as in air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, fans, power supplies, etc. They are also involved in the transportation industry, and the high-speed trains we are familiar with also use capacitor films. Here are some examples of the roles of capacitor films in application fields:

  • Application in power electronic circuits. capacitor films are used here mainly as a buffer for power current, clamping, parallel resonance, and suppressing electromagnetic interference from the power source.

  • When capacitor films are used as parallel bypass, they mainly reduce the impedance of DC busbars and absorb ripple currents from loads, thereby effectively suppressing the fluctuation of DC busbar voltages caused by load mutations.

  • When this device is used in resonant converters, it can achieve resonant with inductance.

Capacitor films play different roles in different positions in different fields. It is essential to understand the role of capacitor films, which will be more handy in their use.

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