Capacitor film is an electronic component that is commonly used in many household appliances and has a wide range of applications. Capacitor films are electronic components made of materials such as metal foils, polypropylene, and polystyrene. The function of capacitor films is the same as that of all capacitors, which is to store charge.

Working principle of capacitor films

Capacitor film stores charge and electrical energy on the electrodes. They are usually used together with inductors to form oscillating circuits. The working principle of capacitors is that the charge will move under the force in an electric field. When there is a dielectric between conductors, it hinders the movement of charge and causes charge accumulation and storage on the conductor.

Main application areas of capacitor films

Capacitor films are mainly used in industries such as electronics, household appliances, communications, power, electrified railways, hybrid vehicles, wind power generation, and solar power generation. The stable development of these industries has driven the growth of the capacitor film market.

Reasons for the short lifespan of capacitor films

Installing power capacitors for compensation in low-voltage power systems has great benefits for enterprises. However, current power capacitors generally have a short lifespan. The short lifespan of capacitors is usually caused by poor capacitor quality, improper use of capacitors within specified parameters, or the presence of harmonics in the power grid.

Poor capacitor quality

If the production process of power capacitor film manufacturers is poor and the capacitor materials are of low quality, the resulting capacitor will be of poor quality. This type of power capacitor may frequently fail during operation, affecting its lifespan.

Improper use within specified parameters

In general, power capacitor films need to operate within specified parameters. If power capacitors are operated at overvoltage, overcurrent, or high temperature for a long period of time, it will accelerate the thermal aging and electrical aging of the capacitor's insulation medium, affecting its lifespan.

Existence of harmonics in the power grid

The use of a large number of non-linear load devices in the power system can cause serious harmonic pollution. When there are harmonics in the power grid, it will increase the loss of power capacitor films, cause local overheating, accelerate the thermal aging of its insulation medium, and affect the lifespan of power capacitors.

Poor capacitor quality, improper use within specified parameters, and the existence of harmonics in the power grid can all contribute to the decreased lifespan of power capacitor films.